Maximizing Value Through Owner Financing & Leasing

For business jet owners looking to sell their aircraft at full retail value or lease out their underutilized aircraft on a short to long term basis, Shearwater Aero Capital can help.

Owner Financing

Selling your aircraft at a full retail value is a challenge in today’s buyers market.  Shearwater Aero Capital can increase the appeal and value of your aircraft by marketing it for sale with owner financing to qualified buyers. Our team of experienced lenders and aircraft managers can source qualified buyers willing to pay market prices for aircraft with owner financing attached.  

Shearwater will work on the aircraft owner’s behalf to structure less intrusive asset-based loans and leases for potential buyers of your aircraft.  This type of financing is more appealing to many aircraft buyers than the painfully cumbersome loan process offered by traditional lenders and will equate into a higher selling price of your aircraft. Shearwater has the experience to structure and manage these transactions while protecting the interests of their clients providing owner financing.

 Operating Leases for Under Utilized Aircraft

Shearwater Aero Capital can facilitate optimal lease solutions for business jet owners with under utilized aircraft.  We have an extensive global network to source qualified lessees and the expertise to handle all aspects of the transaction from start to termination.

      Benefits for aircraft owners leasing out their under utilized aircraft:

  • Elimination of overhead expenses associated with aircraft ownership during the term of the lease
  • Temporary income through monthly lease payments
  • Maintaining tax benefits and residual value of the aircraft

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